Side tracked

Sleep deprivation is hell. Even just one night where you’re exhausted and would rather be asleep, but you can’t, is hell.

I had one of those last night.

Everyone always goes on about how sleep deprived parents are. Your kid is sick and won’t sleep? Great news: neither will you.

Very few people I’ve met would compare that to being up with a sick animal. I feel like I’m always trying to justify why a pet requires the same vet trips as doctor’s trips, the same all-night monitoring, and hence the same sleep deprivation.

I have two of the fur covered kind and I would argue that a sick dog is harder to handle than a sick kid – an older kid, not a baby. They can’t tell you where it hurts or how they feel. They can’t even point to their tummy or head and say “this part feels yucky”. You’ve basically got to poke and prod them all over until something hurts enough that they give a little yelp. And one of mine doesn’t show pain at the worst of times.

There’s my Skinny One and my Dopey One. Skinny because of his breed and Dopey because of her big ears and usually lolling tongue.
The Dopey One had me at the emergency vet from 9 till midnight last night. This is after a full on day of walking, driving, and whatnot, too. Then up again at 6 this morning after terrible, broken sleep (I remember being awake nearly every time the clock said a different hour, and waiting 30 minutes for my alarm to go off) to pick her up from the vet again.

Fun. This is the best word I can find to describe my experience. Wait, I’m getting confused in my bleary-eyed state – hell is more what I was going for. Hell.

I’ve decided (well I decided this a long time ago also) that sleep is about one or two on the priority list of life. Life in general, my life specifically – pick one, I’m too tired to.

So instead of the awesome, brilliantly worded, insightful post I was planning for today, I’m giving you this side track while I lie with the Dopey One in recovery (bed). She’s doing okay and will be better with drugs, for those who may be curious. The Skinny One isn’t far from us either.

Until next time,


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