Fighting for Mother Nature

Rain. Storms. Nature. I was told by my English teacher in grade nine that my story needed more external mood indicators. My sad scene needed rain, and my scary scene needed a lightning storm. I subscribed to this notion too easily. Maybe some writer from way back decided that rain would be a sad trope and storms would be a scary trope (probably a Romantic, those guys loved emotive forces of nature).

Somewhere along the way, I decided those forces of nature didn’t appeal to my notions of sadness or fear.

Rain is not sad. Okay, I’ll make the exception for a particular Jeff Buckley song that starts by describing rain falling upon funeral mourners. The sound of rain against those lyrics is sad.

Rain itself is poetic. It’s hypnotic, it’s soothing, and it’s peaceful. Rain curves the corners of my lips into a smile. It softens my eyes and calms my mind. Rain creates a barrier between me and the din, between me and the chaos, between me and the sad, sad world.

You see, rain cleanses. The chaos gets you down and the sad world keeps on turning. Without rain, it’s the same grit under your feet as the last miserable day, and it’s the same dust on the surface of the sad world. Rain sweeps the dirt and the waste away and leaves the sad world glistening.

Rain is a life force. It’s the life force. What keeps you alive when food and shelter are gone? What makes the fields green and trees tall?

When rain becomes a storm, the poetry becomes majesty, the hypnosis becomes enthralment, the soothing becomes freeing, and the peace becomes power.

The majesty with which a bolt of platinum lightning rips apart the dark and swirling sky enthrals the eyes. The power behind a booming strike of thunder frees the heart.

That is not fear you feel, it’s awe. Mother Nature inspires her children by delivering up a storm.

No longer do I subscribe the thought that melancholy cues rain, or frightfulness cues storminess. Those are negative connotations. Rain and storms deserve more respect than that.

I try to subvert those stereotypes frequently and fervently. It’s not just the stereotypes of people and societies that need subverting, but those of nature who cannot fight against words herself.

Until next time,

P.S. For those interested, Jeff Buckley in all his glory.



  1. Mum

    Is this really you writing all this stuff? Very nicely written! and I’m enjoying the reads.


    • It is indeed.. I do some things better than okay.


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